Ever found yourself ploughing through thousands of logmessages, getting loss of track. TailExpert can save you precious time. Use filters and highlighting to increase readability, save or print filtered logs for reporting, choose one of the predefined formats or create your own format to columnize log messages for better readability.


Hook up your Android device and start receiving logcat logs


Use the built-in filter tool to view only log messages of your interrest.                    

Use the notification tool to colorize logs for better readability or use it to be notified or run an external program when a log message matches a defined pattern.

Tailexpert supports comparing logs with the built-in compare tool.

Solve connectivity issues by viewing client and server logs side by side or write sophisticated log analysis scripts using lua scripting in the professional version. The scripting engine even supports the use of .NET objects which make it possible to visualize statistics or graphs of values present in the logs. The software comes with a number of example scripts that can give you a quick start in creating lua scripts for TailExpert.

You can even run TailExpert for days and let it signal you when the log matches an expression. Don't want to hang around waiting for issues to popup in your logs? TailExpert can send it to you via email when a match is made.

TailExpert is the tool to search through your extensive logfiles and locate the root causes of the issues you have in your software. Team-up with other TailExpert users on our support forum and share scripts that can help you analyse your logs.

Visible log levels can be selected by clicking on the level indicators. In the preferences the working of the level switches can be altered.; Select all messages with log level equal and more severe or only show selected log level.