Working with numbers

TailExpert can also filter on numbers found in the logmessage by means of the ==, !=, <, >, , , <>, ><, ≥≤, ≤≥ operators. When the number to compare is placed inside a lengthy logmessage, which may even contain other numbers, we need first to locate the number of interest. This can be done by specifying first the substring preceding the number as is shown in the example below.

06-16 13:17:57.287 798 798 W PackageParser: No actions in intent filter at /system/priv-app/Contacts.apk Binary XML file line #375

Let’s say we want to capture all log messages that contain the text “Binary XML file line #” and a line number between 300 and 400. We can then specify the filter using the <> operation and we enter the string “Binary XML file line #” 300-400 into the filter field.

Note that combining multiple filters statements in one filter cannot be applied when using the numerical compare operators.