This option will show the notifications tab, here you can specify notification filters. Notification filters can be applied to the whole logmessage or when using a logformat on the defined columns. When a specific column is selected arithmetic comparisons are possible however when a arithmetic operation is selected the filter may only contain one condition per row. For a non-arithmetic operation (contains) the syntax defined in the previous chapter applies. If a logmessage has a match, the notification filter will be activated and the action executed. A notification can be highlighting of the matching line, playing a sound or send an email or all options at once. Use right mouse button to show context menu to add or remove filters. The notification will only be activated when the checkbox in the first column is checked. The notification will be applied to the logview, only when you hit the Apply button on the right. Please read the chapter on filters for the find text format. (see appendix A for regular expression syntax)


Enter text to match in the Find editbox and select a background and foreground color by clicking in the color box.