For the tail background process the following configuration parameters are available:

-          imageNumber of lines loaded at startup: Applicable for Open File, this specifies how much history is loaded from the file on which TailExpert will be active.

-          Number of Scroll Lines: Maximum number of lines to show in the logview pane, specifying 0 here will result in no limit.

-          Load file chunk size: Size of internal buffer which is used to load a logfile. Can be used to optimize file load time.

-          Calculate Average Line Length: Use an algorithm to calculate the average number of characters per line to optimize the load of logfiles.

-          Number of Lines read before update: Number of lines read from the logfile or socket interface before the logview pane is updated. This option make the screen update smoother, and lowers system load.

-          Wait time for new loglines before update: Timeout to wait on new input logmessages before pushing messages to the logview pane.

-          Logfile sample time: Sample time in which the file is checked on changes