TailExpert is updated

TailExpert major feature update | 11/30/2015

TailExpert has been updated: latest version 1.0.5816.13340:
 - Fixed occasional exception in filter toolbarbutton
 - Multiple new features added including
   - Tail logcat directly with builtin adb library
   - Added syncview to visualize interaction between two logviews (requires timestamps)
   - Added comparison graph for quick overview and navigation
   - Added detailed comparison pane that shows selected logmessages diffs
   - Added plugin to start android DDMS (needs sdk)
   - Improved import wizard, added option to use regular expression to match logmessage format
   - Various speed improvements
   - Added Right to Left language support
 - Fixed missing lua511.dll dependency in portable version
 - Fixed Lua examples depending on TailExpert log
 - Fixed Unicode issues
 - Many many smaller UI fixes and improvements