TailExpert is updated

TailExpert feature update | 4/17/2016

 TailExpert has been updated: latest version 1.0.5955.21880:

- Solved the issues that crippled version 1.0.5919.37776
 - Added open file over sftp connection
 - Added option to filter on log level (rightclick on level column)
 - Added option to iconify the loglevels and to adjust the minimum visible level
 - Added option to switch through tabs like task browser
 - Added menu option to display host ip addresses
 - Added quick-buttons for log level selection
 - Added option to filter on date/time
 - Improve OpenAdb dialog, live update of devices connected
 - Added option in notifications to make text bold andor italic
 - Fix clear bookmarks does not work
 - Fix small issues in file import
 - Fixed drag multiple files
 - Added tip how to easily switch between tabs
 - Update help description