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TailExpert is a reliable and useful application dedicated to helping you view and analyze log files (local or remote), eventlogs, system logs,  debug logs or android logcat logs. The software is designed to open multiple files in separate tabs and allows you to compare them in side by side view, find character strings, or highlight particular lines, that you wish to watch.


Keep an eye on your logs

TailExpert can open several logs from different origin and character encodings at the same time and will show them in separate tabs keeping them all up to date. When new data arrives small indicators on each tab signal you of incoming log messages. You can place filters to decrease the amount of log messages for easier readability or use the notification mechanism the colorize log lines, get notified when a log message matches a pattern or even run an external script. Installed filters and notifications will get executed on each log message when it arrives. With TailExpert can watch log files, event logs, logcat logs, outputdbgstring, serialport connections and UDP Sockets and can subscribe to MQTT topics. With the built-in guard function you can let TailExpert keep an eye on your logs while you spent your valuable time elseweher

File analysis assistant

A format wizard is available to help you find a convenient view format for your logs. You can place two tabs side by side so you can analyze
both logs at the same time. With the built-in compare tool you can easily compare two subsequent logs for differences. The built-in Lua
engine can serve you as a powerfull tool to do statistical analysis on you log data. Visualize your logs using  bar graphs or live line graphs
by using the api that is made available to the Lua scripting engine.

Reliable analysis tool

TailExpertis reliable, simple to use, lightweight and allows you to quickly view, analyze two or more log files, using advanced tools. TailExpert is ready to start working for you, go ahead give it a try

Android development companion

TailExpert provides a logcat interface directly through adb, which provides android developers with all the powerfull features that TailExpert has to offer. Android devices are easily addressable though the device selection dialog. Through automated ProcessId translation TailExpert is able to filter on package names, just as you are used to from  within eclipse of androidstudio.

Help us to improve TailExpert

Get a free non-commercial license if you want access to all functionalities of TailExpert or support us by buying a commercial license.

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