Q.  Why does Windows 10 prompt me with the notification that TailExpert wants to make modifications to my system?

Answer: In Windows 10 the User Access Control settings are very strict. On startup TailExpert will create/update it’s preferences, which are located in your user directory AppData\Local\Neware. The notification can be switched off, but that is not advised. Microsoft has an article on how to fine tune these settings, please check-out the article here

Q.  When I type a char in the regEx box in the Import Wizard I get a Warning message

Answer: The expression in the editboxes of the Import Wizard is evaluated at each character typed, when the expression is invalid this results into a warning message, this will help you to build the expression step by step.

Q. Why do I see numbers in column Application in a AdbLog

Answer: TailExpert tries to translate process Id’s into application names, but when the actual process has issued logmessages and the process is no longer active when logcat retrieval starts, the process name can no longer be retrieved, in this case the process number is displayed. TailExpert will cache all process id’s it encounters in the log and replace the apllication names when a process id is reused by a new application.

Q. When I open a new file I only see a message column

Answer: When a new file is opened, the default plain text mode logformat is selected. To make use of the columnizer you can select one of the preconfigured formats from the Format menu or you can define a columnizer your self. The easy way is to just import the logfile from the LogFormat Import Wizard or the manual way by adding a logformat in the preferences menu.

Q. Why do default color settings not apply?

Answer: The default color settings which can be set in the preference menu, do not apply to already opened logviews, they only apply to new logviews which do not have set their own custom preferences. By setting the appearance per logview, you can quickly distinguish one log from the other. To change the color settings of already opened logview windows, one should use the function “Adjust Logview Appearance” from the tab context menu which can be reached by right clicking the tab head. Note that once a logfile has been opened TailExpert keeps a configuration specific to this logfile, which will override the default settings in the preference menu.

Q.  I don’t see the level icons after upgrade to latest version

Answer: Logfiles that have been opened in an earlier version have an old logformat description in the logfile specific preferences. To enable severity level icons one needs to re-select the proper pre-defined logformat from the Format menu or update your own logformat definition from the preference menu and re-select your logformat again from the Format menu. The logfile specific preferences will be updated and a subsequent load will include the severity level icons. Note that not all pre-defined logformats support severity levels (LogCatBrief, maillog, apache_access_log and outputDbgString).

Q.  Why does TailExpert not have feature X

Answer: The answer to this question is simple. Because we probably didn’t think of it, but therefor we welcome you to put your requests in our support forum, so we can add it to our backlog.

Q.  Why am I unable to filter on severity level

Answer: You probably are viewing your log using a columnizer that does not support severity level filetering. Select the proper log format from the format menu that supports severity level filtering and TailExpert will show you the quick level filter buttons in the menubar. If you upgraded from a previous version re-select the log format from the format  menu to enable severity level filtering. 

Q.  When I open a file no loglines are shown

Answer: When loading logrotated files or files that already have preferences set, Tailexpert will load the preferences and set filters and severity levels accordingly. It is possible that the filters and severity levels prevent loglines to be shown. Make sure you set the correct filters and severity levels for the changed content.

Q.  TailExpert UI is not responsive when messages are received

Answer: In the tail preferences you can tweak the tail background process by adjusting three parameters:

– Number of lines read before update – Increase to limit number of UI updates

– Wait time for new loglines before update – Increase to limit number of UI updates

– Logfile sample time – Increase to free time for UI updates