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TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7678.28308

  • Added option to create with one-click multiple filters based on column contents
  • Improved filter and notification behavior for loglines that span multiple lines

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7668.23429

  • Small ui improvements
  • Better handling of logmessages not fitting the selected format
  • Configurable placeholder to i.s.o. >>> characters, defaults to space
  • Configurable color scheme for severity levels
  • Fix for longtime persistent bug in logformat load/save
  • Fix restore of custom defined logformats
  • Fix loglevel filter for logformats level info

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7611.28419

  • Solved racecondition in logcompare

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7608.18191

  • Fix split function in log import
  • Added option to copy and modify logformats in prefrences
  • Added option to import/export selected logformat(s) in preferences

TailExpert update

Version 1.0.7606.27255

  • Major peformance improvements
  • Smaller fixes
  • Improved Logformat configuration
  • Improved bookmark overview
  • Improved log level/severity handling and visualisation