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Version: 1.0.8901.28296

  • improved statistics
  • improved rtt connectivity

TailExpert Update

Version: 1.0.8787.19206

  • Added extra infos: number of lines per second received and selected line length
  • Segger RTT first will try to open the channel with the previous settings
  • Improved parsing of Segger RTT controlblock settings

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.8733.16831

  • New functionality: Added option to connect to a SEGGER J-Link Rtt channel

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.8698.30228

  • Added not match option to guards
  • improved tab title readability
  • Small fixes in logformat preferences form
  • Visual fixes in Guard form

TailExpert Update

Liberty release

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7787.17088

  • Improved printing of Eventlog entries

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7773.22855

  • Fixed tooltip position on multi-screen desktop

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7772.26575

  • Added Logview tooltip move&resize
  • Added copy tooltip text to clipboard using
  • Use same font for Tooltip and logview
  • Improved tooltip behavior
  • Fixed exception on license activation when log file opened

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7743.17012

  • Importand notice: In notification form single click is changed to double click to prevent showing color dialog twice.
  • FilterForm: Added option to select only one filter by pressing Left Control key while activating filter
  • When a new file is loaded, TailExpert will try to find a matching logformat if not found the file will be loaded as a plain text file first
  • Fixed bug that modified date when filter is active

TailExpert Update

Version 1.0.7737.31269

  • Improved logmessage tooltip (added support for JSON and XML formatting)
  • Added option to delete all filters/notifications/replacements at once
  • Fixed portable version, preferences file not found
  • Several smaller visual improvements